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We are excited to introduce you to our curated product line.  Our main focus is to bring you the best possible products for you and your family.  Every product and ingredient has been vetted by us, and have impressed us with results.  This page will serve as a table of contents to more easily find what products may serve you.  



Herbal Formulas. 


Every herb and ingredient in these formulas are either wild-crafted or certified organic. These formulas are hand-crafted in Sedona, Arizona and have been a part of our practice from Day 1. Herbs are the most ancient medicine we have, and we have such respect and gratefulness for them. 


Children's Candid - X (Anti- fungal)

Children's Broncho Soothe

Children's Calm & Rest

Fem Balance

Immune Builder 

Children's Essential Home Care Kit

Ear Oil

Children's Bronco Clear

GI Calm

Children's Wellness

Children's Mineral Nutritive

Children's Gentle Lax 

Children's Defense

Children's Hista Calm 

Memory Tonic

Gluco Manage

Vessel Tonic

Topical Verucaway

Sinus Formula

Mens Ease 

Meno Balance

Fem Energy Tonic

Lymph Formula

Liver Tonic 

Robert's Formula 


Kidney Tonic 


Children's Tummy Soother






All with the most bioavailable and bioactive forms. Most of these formulas have patented ingredients which have proven ideal absorption and efficacy.  We use a physician-grade company to produce these so we can be confident about the purity and dosage of each formula.


Supreme Magnesium Neuro Powder - Supporting brain health and promoting healthy nervous system functions

Vitalize - Support vitality and general physical and mental well- being in men and women

Supreme Glutathione -  Supports natural antioxidant activity and intracellular antioxidant support. 

DHEA 10 mg CR - Supports healthy androgen and estrogen levels 

Complete E 60 - Supports healthy cytokine and eicosanoid balance 

Complete B Complex - Feeds your cells and reduce homocysteine 

Supreme Magnesium - Supports healthy muscle function/ healthy nerve conduction 

Thyroid Glandular - Provides essential nutrients, herbal, and glandular support for production of thyroid hormones 

Fish Oil - Supports cardiovascular health and mental functioning 

Supreme Multi Performance - Supports energy production and stress response 

Supreme Resolve - Provides building blocks that support the natural resolution of the immune response 

D3K2 - Optimize D3 levels and get your calcium to your bones where it belongs with the Activator (K2).

Supreme Digest - Supports healthy digestion of macronutrients and enhances nutrient absorption

Berberine DHB - Supports healthy blood glucose metabolism 

Supreme CoQ10 - Supports health/function of the Cardiovascular system 

Supreme Immunoglobulin - Supports muscle performance and recovery 

Supreme Minerals -  Promotes cellular energy production and the synthesis of healthy hormones

L - lysine - Excellent viral reducer to keep on hand

Thyroid Nutrients - Supports the body's conversion of T4 to the more active hormone T3 

Supreme Iron - Supports healthy ferritin and hemoglobin levels 

Supreme Probiotic - Replenishes good bacteria in the gut 

K2 Drops - Keeps calcium out of your vessels and into your bones

Joint Support - Excellent formula for joint health and pain reduction

Flawless Beauty - Special collagen generator for skin, tissue, and bone strength 

Supreme Curcumin - Supports joint health and helps relieve minor pain associated with physical activity 

GI Harmony - Promotes healthy bowel function

Complete C- Ideal dose of vitamin C with bioflavonoids



Skin Care.


We have tried so many lines, and Phyto-C is the one we are proud to partner with. Bottom line, these products are pure and clinically effective. The results we receive from them are astounding.  It is optimal to follow the four-step process for best skin health - Cleanse and Tone, Mask and Retinol, Antioxidant, and Moisturize. 


Signature Serum

Signature Cream 

SuperHeal O-Live Mask

Retinol 1%

Soothing Cleanser

Phyto - C B5 Gel

Phyto - C Hair Repair Tonic 

Phyto - C Balancing Toner

SuperHeal O-Live Serum

SuperHeal O-Live Gel

Selenium C Serum

Phyto- C Hyper-Lift

Phyto- C Hyper- White

Phyto- C Hyper- C