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Dutch Sex Hormones Panel

Dutch Sex Hormones Panel

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The DUTCH Sex Hormone Metabolites is the ultimate test for HRT monitoring and great for baseline measurements, as well. It is a unique method for more accurate vaginal hormone and oral progesterone monitoring. This test is run on GC-MS/MS: More accurate than LC-MS/MS or GC-MS for sex hormone metabolites!

The DUTCH Sex Hormone Metabolites test is a comprehensive hormone test designed for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) monitoring and baseline measurements. This test provides a unique method for more accurate vaginal hormone and oral progesterone monitoring.

The test measures sex hormone metabolites using GC-MS/MS technology, which is considered to be more accurate than LC-MS/MS or GC-MS for sex hormone metabolites. This method provides greater accuracy and specificity, which can be particularly important for women undergoing HRT or those who are using topical hormones.

The DUTCH Sex Hormone Metabolites test measures a wide range of hormones and their metabolites, including estrogen metabolites, androgens, and progesterone metabolites. This provides a complete picture of hormone metabolism and can help identify any imbalances or abnormalities that may be contributing to symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes.

The test is non-invasive and can be performed from the comfort of your own home, with urine samples collected at specific times throughout the day. It is suitable for women of all ages who are undergoing HRT or who are interested in evaluating their hormonal health.

Once the samples are processed, the test provides a clear and easy-to-understand report that summarizes the results and provides recommendations for addressing any imbalances or abnormalities. The report includes personalized recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and supplements that can support hormone balance and overall health and wellbeing.

Overall, the DUTCH Sex Hormone Metabolites test is a valuable tool for HRT monitoring and baseline measurements. It provides a comprehensive assessment of hormone metabolism and can provide important information to guide treatment decisions and support overall hormonal balance and wellbeing.

Kit Includes

Extensive Estrogen Metabolites: E1, E2, E3, 2-OH-E1, 4-OH-E1, 16-OH-E1, 2-Methoxy-E1, 2-OH-E2, 4-OH-E2
Extensive Androgen Metabolites: Testosterone, DHEAS, DHT, and more (7)
Progesterone Metabolites: b-Pregnanediol, a-Pregnanediol (2)
Graphical representation of results
Provider notes with specific additional information created specifically for the patient
View Female Sample Report.
View Male Sample Report.

What Doctor Birch Says

This is the kit we use for our patients simply in need of monitoring their hormones in the most accurate way possible. The hormones plus metabolites is so important to test. This is an excellent test to perform at least twice per year in order to monitor your need for bioidential hormone replacement, as well as to monitor how your current dosages are working for you. Feel free to purchase this kit and book a consultation with us to start or continue your journey with us. Wishing you all the best.

Return Policies

• Return policy for a refund is one year from the date of purchase.

• The kit must be returned to Purety Clinic before any refunds can be issued.

• Shipping fees are non-refundable.

• There is a $25 re-stocking fee.

Restrictions to use

RESTRICTIONS APPLY FOR ORDERING LAB TESTS IN THE STATES OF NEW YORK, MARYLAND AND RHODE ISLAND. If you live in one of these states, please give us a call at 503.687.2050 for more information.


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